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Marti Bjorkman

P.E.T. | T.E.T. | Y.E.T. | B.Y.B.

I am based in Centurion/JHB, Doringkloof and Bryanston

I believe that the quality of the relationships with people in our lives is more important as a determinant of our sense of self-worth than anything else. To know that we can learn SKILLS to build meaningful relationships in every sphere of our lives, sounds too good to be true. Yet this is exactly what I am passionate about: using the Thomas Gordon courses to help people from different backgrounds and cultures find a way to be true to themselves in relationships, and cultivate relationships that are mutually beneficial, loving and satisfying on a deep human level.

In my own life I am grateful for the skills that I learnt to help me help others and myself navigate conflict and many difficult conversations in a loving and respectful way that builds relationships to the benefit of all concerned parties.

Find out more about my upcoming classes or get in touch via:

082 339 1543

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