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3 Simple tips for getting yourSELF in shape

It's safe to say that Summer has arrived in South Africa, with temperatures already peaking above 30 degrees Celsius. While some have already tossed their winter mindsets and shaped up their sunny sides, some might find it a bit challenging.

Winter was a comfy time spent indoors and in solitude. It's perfectly understandable that your change in mood is lagging behind the change in seasons. However, you can't blame Winter for everything. Yes, you might be feeling blueish and not in the mood for people or going out, but remember that life doesn't wait for you to adjust your attitude.

Shaping up the summer version of yourSELF requires some hard work.

If you are willing to delve deep, you might just be able to change that winter mindset. Here are three steps you need to take.

Take personal responsibility

Take personal responsibility by first assessing your needs. You can start by asking yourself two simple questions;

  • What are the things I want?

  • What do I need to do to get those needs met?

Also, take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Stop blaming. Stop complaining. Only you can make YOU happy.

Stop wasting time

Make the most effective use of time by making clear distinctions on the various ways you spend your time.

Plan and take control of the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your life. A clear plan on what you are striving to achieve is your first step towards reaching that goal.

Same goes for the social aspects of your life. You CHOOSE who you surround yourself with. Become more self-disclosing in your relationships. Meaning, become more honest about your wants and needs. Also, learn to say "no" without feeling guilty.

"We have a need to see ourselves and have others see us as a “good person”, one who cares about others, who is willing to help out, to make a contribution.  At the same time, we want to take care of ourselves and our important needs and wants.  When we agree to do things we really don’t want to do, we pay a very high price–increased stress, less energy, resentment, lower self-esteem.  On the other hand, when we say “yes” and we really mean it, we give our full effort, energy, motivation and creativity." - Linda Adams

Deal with anger in self and others

It's important to understand where your anger comes from and to learn how to deal with it effectively.

Being able to resolve conflict and collisions within yourself and others will help reduce stress and anxiety.

It will also help you to become a more empathic listener when someone else has a problem.

Delving deeper into yourSELF and taking personal responsibility is no easy task and can seem never-ending at times. But, guess what! That's the whole point - it is a never-ending process and let's hope that you never reach your destination.

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