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Charlene van Riet-Lowe


I am based in Gaborone

Charlene van Riet-Lowe is the Founding Member of Mediation Mechanics in Gaborone, Botswana. She is the founding member of the Botswana Association of Mediators (BAM) which was registered in September 2017 and is on the EXCO (Executive Committee). In her practice she works mostly in the field of Workplace Mediation, concentrating on Dispute avoidance within the work environment, as well as Family and Divorce Mediation. Charlene is the Honorary Treasurer of Botswana Institute and Chairperson of the Appointment Committee of the Botswana Institute of Arbitrators.

​Mediation Mechanics works with a number of NGO's to assist with Skills development in the community and to this end has conducted workshops around Conflict resolution at the Annual Youth Summit, YMCA, Woman in Leadership Conference and Consumer Watch Dog Conference.

She completed her training as a P.E.T facilitator in 2018, through Gordon Training International (GTI). Read more: https://bit.ly/2Ru2v1c

Find out more about my upcoming classes or get in touch via:

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