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Book a private parenting consultation
Learn how to deal with your particular parenting challenges 

The stresses of parenting can get the best of anyone. And many of us don't like sharing these emotions in a group. Therefore, Heidi Malan, the Director of Parent & Educational Training, now offers private parenting consultations.


Parenting consultations are educational sessions that allow you the opportunity to share your parenting challenges. Discussions will be tailored to address your particular challenges. In addition, Heidi provides guidance and resources that are rooted in parenting theories backed by research.

R1095 per 90 minute session | Send an e-mail to to schedule a session.


"I believe in teaching parents how to embrace their children's emotions. I have been providing parenting support, workshops and private consultation for more than 20 years. Discover how to discipline and express yourself, as a parent, in ways that support meaningful connections and healthy development. Let's connect." - Heidi


"I never realised how ingrained the way that I was brought up (authoritative parents) rubbed off on the way that I automatically defaulted to the same style once I started the parenting journey."

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