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Let's Workshop

3 Hours

Is your parent group is interested in hosting a parenting workshop? We offer flexibility in choosing the topic and format, whether in-person or online, at R250 per person. Let us know your preferences, and we'll make it happen.


Join an eight-session group course:

- R4500 per person *includes all course materials
- Includes all eight sessions
- Three hours per session (weekly)
- A collaborative 8-week experience

- Min 4 participants

- In-person and online, evenings/mornings

Own Pace

Arrange eight private Parent Effectiveness Training sessions:

- R8760 per person/per couple
- Includes all eight sessions
- 90 minutes per session 
- Private
- Tailored to suit your schedule

Whether you’re the parent of a toddler or a teenager, you know that parenting can be challenging – even overwhelming at times. Unfortunately, children don’t come with an instruction manual. And, being a parent doesn’t always mean that you automatically or instinctively know what to do.


Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) can help you optimise your parenting skills.


P.E.T. is a unique and fun parenting course created by award-winning psychologist Dr Thomas Gordon, a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee.


Our goal is to teach you very practical communication and conflict resolution skills to help you create more happy and satisfying relationships with your children.


  • How to talk to your children so that they will listen to you.

  • How to listen to your children so they feel genuinely understood.

  • How to resolve conflicts and problems in your family so that no one loses and problems stay solved.

  • How to troubleshoot family problems and know which skills to use to solve them.


  • Your children will learn self-discipline and an inner sense of personal responsibility.

  • You will learn how to work with each other instead of against each other.

  • You’ll experience fewer angry outbursts and more problem-solving.

  • Everyone van participate in rule-setting so all will feel motivated to comply with the rules.

If P.E.T. sounds like the right programme for you, then please drop us a message via our contact us form or send an email to and we will put you in touch with a Certified Instructor near you.

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