Important: Our programmes are only taught by instructors certified by Gordon Training International. Classes consist of brief lectures, demonstrations, workbook exercises, role-playing, lots and lots of coaching, some homework, and small group discussions.


You will receive a workbook, a participant certificate and a copy of Dr Gordon’s Credo. The schedule depends on the individual certified instructor.


Find an instructor below and contact her directly or please drop us a message via our contact us form or send an email to and we will put you in touch with a certified instructor near you.

Lynn Pretorius

P.E.T. | B.Y.B.

I am based in Johannesburg

As an instructor, I am amazed at how meaningful P.E.T. is to all parents, regardless of their background...

Dr Elmari Botha-Verhage

P.E.T. | T.E.T.

I am based in Alberton

She is the owner, researcher, and developer of the 'Want to Play range' - interactive tools that give children...

Nadia Pretorius

P.E.T. | T.E.T. | Y.E.T.

I am based in Roodepoort

During 2006 I had a tough time with my strong-willed two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. I accepted advice...

Erica Strydom

P.E.T. | Y.E.T. | B.Y.B.

I am based in Benoni

I am an Educational Psychologist and have been working with families and children for over a decade. I am...


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