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Mimi Hewett


I am based in Brackenfell

I am a Registered Relationship and Family Counsellor. I graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2003 with a degree in Psychology and have since been working full-time in different counselling areas, including Employee Wellness, Substance Abuse, and most recently specializing in relationships and families at my private practice in Brackenfell.

I became a P.E.T. instructor in 2018 after noticing the remarkable changes and results in my own children and family. I use the skills daily in my own home, with my friends, family members, and my clients at my practice. I recommend this course to almost all my clients. I am genuinely of the opinion that it should form part of every parent's "manual" in raising their children to be happy, balanced, confident and independent human beings, with whom they can communicate honestly and openly about anything under the sun and beyond!

Find out more about my upcoming classes or get in touch via:

084 2055 723

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