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Natacha Nelson

P.E.T. | T.E.T. | Y.E.T.

I am based in Centurion, Lyttelton

As a parent, I realised that I wanted to raise my children differently – so, I enrolled myself in a P.E.T course.

I decided to become a P.E.T. Instructor when I experienced the difference in my home. I also realised how many parents have a great need to improve their relationship with their children.

I am passionate to assist other parents with the same desire and love to help and equip parents with the correct techniques and skills which will enable them to build mutually satisfying and quality relationships with their children.

I genuinely believe that we can ensure a more resilient generation if we, as parents, do things differently. Your greatest legacy might be the person you were chosen to raise.

Find out more about my upcoming classes or get in touch via:

084 263 5092

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