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Taryn Trevor-Roberts


I am based in Kloof

Reflecting on past experiences, my daughter’s birth in 2011 was for me, life changing. I held her little hand and in that moment the responsibility of parenting became a reality. As a first time mom self-doubt crept in, yet a deep sense of inner strength led the way to a Montessori Preschool where my daughter was later enrolled. Inspired by the Montessori Philosophy, I completed the MACTE Montessori Early Childhood Teachers Diploma, and with my BA Degree in Psychology I began teaching in 2015. Montessori educators observe, listen, and allow the child to take the lead. In doing so, the children taught me that they needed to be heard. The PET skills benefited me further as a parent, teacher, colleague, and now, I am excited to pass this knowledge on. Life is a continuous journey that we manifest, and in retrospect, when my daughter was born, she was already teaching me that to follow one’s chosen path together with your child, hand in hand, is the most rewarding experience ever.

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