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3 Signs you might have a weak immune system

You can add many benefits to your life if you follow this straightforward health rule - listen to your body. Your body is always at work, and so often we get lost in our days that we forget to stop and check in. Your immune system is the channel your body uses to send you signals about your health. And by ignoring these signals, you are putting yourself at risk of sickness and distress.

Therefore, knowing the signals of your immune system is an essential tool to have. By understanding and differentiating between the different messages, you can respond quickly and effectively before putting your health at risk. Below are some of the signals your immune system might be sending.

You are constantly tired

When you are putting too much strain on your body, your immune system will try to slow you down. It is working to preserve as much energy as possible to keep you going. And as a result, you will feel tired no matter how many energy drinks or cups of caffeine you consume.

Getting a good night's rest is crucial, but if you feel that even a bit more is needed, we recommend you try Sportron's Neurotron and Omegatone. Both supplements support you during stressful times. Both can help you regulate your sleep pattern and reduce tiredness.

Your cold won't go away

We often tend to ignore symptoms of the common cold. We all know that the common cold will run its course and move on. But what if your cold won't go away, or keeps on reappearing? This could be a sign that your immune system is not strong enough to form the necessary antibodies to get you back on track.

We love Sportron's Immune Pack, especially during the colder months when people are coughing and sneezing around you. The pack contains Phytogard and C-Gard. Both protect help combat against the factors that might be causing your persistent cold. Another Sportron product to try is Respitron (available in tablets or syrup). Respitron is uniquely formulated to help maximize the body's defence mechanisms against sinus congestion, hay fever, asthma, allergies, and environmental pollution.

Your wounds won't heal

If your immune system is weak, it will take longer for wounds, such as scrapes, cuts, or bruises to heal, simply because your immune system is lacking in the necessary resources to function properly. Your immune system heals wounds by sending essential nutrients to the area to help it repair quicker. However, if your immune system is lacking in nutrients, it becomes difficult to send the right amount needed.

Again, a product like Sportron's Phytogard comes highly recommended. Plant sterols and sterolins are found in a wide variety of plants and the specific plant sterol in Phytogard that does all the good work is beta-sitosterol. Sterols are an essential part of all cell membranes and have a significant effect when it comes to supporting the immune system and reducing inflammation.

Remember, your body is changing every day. Therefore, it is important to check for signals daily. Take extra caution during stressful times at work and during seasonal changes.

Drop us a message via our contact us form should you be interested or have questions about any of the products mentioned above.


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