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Linda van Rooyen

P.E.T. | B.Y.B.

I am based in Waterkloof

My journey as a P.E.T. mom started in 2011. Desperate and worried, my daughter was ten at the time and my son six. Our relationship was full of conflict and short conversations.

A friend referred me to Heidi Malan. My life changed; P.E.T. is like a big ocean liner; it takes hard work and effort to turn it around, but once you've done that sailing, life happens, and relationships are so much easier.

I present B.Y.B. and P.E.T. courses during the morning and evening classes on request. These courses have changed my own and my family's life forever. Not only do I have a great relationship with my daughter, now 19, but I also have a healthy relationship with myself. I have learned that the more you invest in yourself, the more you can give to those around you.

Find out more about my upcoming classes or get in touch via:

072 826 0322

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