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Leader Effectiveness Training Book (L.E.T.)

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In today's high-tech, globally connected business world, the challenge for leaders remains the same - motivating people to work together and contribute to the success of the organization. Armed with Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) skills, people work with you, not just for you.

L.E.T. has changed countless corporations and private businesses with its down-to-earth communication and conflict-resolution skills. Dr. Gordon's L.E.T. program is a core program in more than 1,000 corporations around the world, including many Fortune 500 companies.

The methods and skills that have proven to be essential for so many leaders can work for you, too. L.E.T. provides specific skills so you can:

  • Resolve conflicts between the needs of individuals and organizations.
  • Motivate your group members to work independently and responsibly.
  • Evaluate the performance of others (or deal with their unacceptable behavior) without creating resentment or damaging self-esteem.
  • Make meetings more productive, move from talk to action, speed up decision-making, and guarantee follow-through.
  • Promote teamwork; draw creative ideas from group members, and resolve stalemates.
  • Decrease power struggles and increase your influence with your superiors.
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