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4 Essential health tips for exam season

The exam season is around the corner, and soon children and students across the country will be nose deep in revisions. Naturally, exam time is a stressful time for many; and managing anxiety, frustration, and pressure will prove a difficult test for some.

During the chaos of study season, it's easy to overlook probably your most essential study aid - your health.

Naturally, your attention will be on your work. But, ignoring your health can set you back, and in extreme cases have regretful consequences.

Therefore, it's advisable to start planning your health schedule along with your timetable - thoroughly and well in advance. Here are three essential health tips to help you on your way:

Keep hydrated

If water isn't really your thing, then try and add some healthy flavour to it. Some lemon wedges, mint, strawberries, or cucumber can add a delicious and refreshing flavour.

We love adding a capful of Sportron's Aloe Vera juice. It's healthy, hydrating, and yummy. Aloe Vera is a helpful digestive aid, and a healthy gut can help a lot during exam season.

Limit other commitments and get enough sleep

Allow yourself enough time during your day so that you don't have to cram in late night sessions.

Sacrificing sleep is never a good idea, no matter how prepared you want to be for your exam. Chances are you'll be more likely to fall asleep than achieve full marks.

If you're struggling to focus or to fall asleep, we recommend you try Sportron's Melotone Syrup. It is a nutritional supplement specifically designed for children and adults who require essential fatty acids, which are nutrients critical for concentration.

If your problem is waking-up, then we recommend you try Sportron’s Energard and Mental Fitness (not for children). Energard will help you kickstart your day, while Mental Fitness will keep your mind clear and focussed.

Avoid too much caffeine

Lack of energy can be a problem when you are working through piles and piles of study materials.

Two, three, four cups of coffee might seem like the easy solution, but it can have regretful consequences and lead to crashing rather than cramming.

Instead, try a supplement like Sportron's Energard and Neurotron. These products have been specifically developed to help with unbalanced energy levels. The supplements provide the nervous system with nutrients essential for optimal functioning - keeping you sharp and focused.

Effectively manage stress

Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress. Manage your time and allow yourself enough rest during study sessions.

Get out of the house. Get moving. Find a solution that works for you.

Again, Sportron's Neurotron and Melotone can prove very helpful.

Remember, getting sick or overly stressed during exams can undermine all your hard work and efforts. Don't set yourself back. Your health is the one test you don't want to fail!

Drop us a message via should you be interested or have questions about any of the products mentioned above.


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