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4 Happy holiday health tips

Term one of 2019 is done and dusted, and in many households across South Africa, the kids are at home for the school holidays for some well-deserved rest, fun, and relaxation. But while your children are enjoying their time off, you might not be. Whether you are at work or home – busy days are here to stay, and it’s up to you to manage your daily routine.

To help you, we’ve listed some happy, healthy holiday tips for you to try. We hope these small adjustments in your daily life can help you get through this holiday period.

Go on a social media detox

Step away from social media and spend some quality time with your family. Use this time to reconnect with your friends; share, laugh, and “like” each other in real life. A social media detox can do wonders for your anxiety levels.

Instead of spending hours scrolling through your social feed before bed, you can either read a book or watch a movie with the kids.

Turn off your snooze alarm and get some proper Zzzzs

No early morning school rush-hour provides you with an opportunity to get more sleep – even if it is just an hour extra. Remember to stick to a healthy sleep schedule.

A late night here, and there won’t hurt, but the trick is to keep a healthy balance.

Manage your time effectively

Arrange to work from home or take some leave – you also need a break from your desk. Tough economic times might make it difficult to take off work but if you can find a way to work smarter and not harder you are already a step ahead.

Remember, the holidays are great to spend time with the kids, but you also need some time off.

Find a way to balance everyone’s needs and be sure to allow yourself proper time to kick back and relax.

Consider a supplement

Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids can do wonders for anxiety, depression, and that constant overwhelmed feeling. We love Sportron’s Omegatone which is packed with omega-3 fatty acids.

For an extra boost, we recommend you try Sportron's Energard. It is a supplement specially formulated to help you restore depleted energy levels. If you find yourself depended on caffeine throughout your day, then you should definitely consider Energard.

Above all have fun this holiday! Enjoy the time you get to spend with your children and make some precious memories. You’ve made it through the first three months of the year; time to get your mindset ready for the remainder.

Drop us a message via our contact us form should you be interested or have questions about any of the products mentioned above.


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