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4 Tips on how to avoid overindulging this holiday season

It’s no secret that many of us tend to overindulge during the December holiday. Whether it's too much food, too much bubbly, too much sun, or even too much family time, chances are we'll all feel a bit overdone at one point or another.

The key methods for protecting your health and keeping your sanity this time of year is finding a balance and setting up some boundaries. We've listed four tips to help you this holiday.

Keep your eating habits balanced

December tends to be the time we give ourselves a break. It's a time filled with fond memories of holiday comfort foods and a lazy time that can lead to constant snacking.

While you are allowed a break and a time to indulge in your festive favourites, the trick is not to get carried away. Enjoy your holiday snacks in moderation and always start with a smaller sized plate. You can always go back for seconds.

You can also add a supplement like Sportron's Digestron or Floraplex to your diet, that will help combat indigestion. Both products are loaded with the right stuff to keep your digestive functioning - leaving more room for you to enjoy your festive treats.

Remember to rest and keep hydrated

Don't overdo it in December to the point you feel like you need a break from your holiday in January. Find some proper time to reflect on the year that was and the year that lies ahead. Identify the challenging times you had and consider how you plan on handling similar situations in the future.

Take a proper afternoon nap every day and be sure to drink a lot of water, especially between alcoholic beverages.

Water will help detox your body by flushing out any harmful toxins and keeping you hydrated during the heat.

You can supplement your mental health with Sportron's Neurotron. Neurotron is a dietary supplement that will help your nervous system during stressful times.

Avoid spending hours in the sun

Wherever you’ll be relaxing on the beach or in the bush this December, be sure to take good care of your skin.

Everyone is at risk of getting skin cancer. So, be sure to use sunscreen, slip on a hat and some sunglasses, and look for a lounging spot in the shade.

We love adding Sporton's Omegatone and Skin, Hair & Nails to our skincare routine. Omegatone is a high potency fish oil supplement containing essential fatty acids. It is a rich source of moisture that has many benefits. Skin, Hair & Nails includes the right balance of micronutrients including omega3, B-complex vitamins, and collagen.

Reflect, refresh, and repeat

December not only marks the month where we can all look forward to some much-needed relaxation, but it is also the month where we can reflect on the year that was as we prepare for the new year ahead.

You need to be mindful of the stress you endured during the year. The effects of stress tend to show more clearly when we let our guards down. If at any stage during your holiday you feel anxious, sleep deprived, or unable to relax, then perhaps it's best to dig a little deeper. Seek professional help or find an activity that can help you through this difficult patch.

If exhaustion and stress are two of your main problems, then consider Sportron's Neurotron and Energard. These products have been specifically developed to provide the nervous system with nutrients essential for optimal functioning - keeping you on top of your game.

In 2019, you'll have twelve months to make a difference to your health. There won’t be any fireworks or bubbly along the way, but achieving optimal health is the most fabulous celebration of all. Happy New Year!

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