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5 Heart-healthy tips

It's the month of love and a great time to highlight one of our most vital organs - our hearts. Shopping malls are filled with chocolates, cookies, wine; you name it! And while a little indulgence never hurt anyone, it will depend on how well you take care of your heart during the other months of the year that will determine just how much you can really indulge in all the deliciousness of February.

We've listed some basic health tips to help you keep your heart in tip-top shape.

First, some facts about your heart:

  • The average heart is the size of a fist in an adult.

  • Your heart will beat about 115,000 times each day.

  • Death from a broken heart, or broken heart syndrome, is possible but extremely rare.

  • The iconic heart shape as a symbol of love is traditionally thought to come from the silphium plant, which was used as an ancient form of birth control.


Check your blood pressure

Living with high blood pressure could result in a heart attack, heart failure, or stroke. Your blood pressure transports oxygen and nutrition to the important parts of your body.

We love Sportron's Cardio Pack that has specifically been designed to help you maintain good cholesterol levels and enhance your circulation to benefit your heart.

Be mindful of stress

Stress is a high-risk factor for heart disease. Challenge yourself this month and try to be completely silent for at least 15 minutes every day. Even the simplest form of meditation can help you deal with the pressure and overwhelming thoughts we encounter every day.

Add Sportron's stress pack to your daily supplements. During stressful times your body's metabolism is increased and the body responds my channeling the responses inward, which can lead to irregular sleep patterns and tiredness.

Choose dark chocolate

There have been many reports that dark chocolate is a healthy substitute for all the sugary sweets we crave. For starters, it is loaded with antioxidants that protect us from the effects of free radicals. Dark chocolate with a high cacao content can also help lower blood pressure and improve your blood flow - which is what you want for your heart.


If you want to up your antioxidant intake we recommend you try Sportron's Ultravine. It is a powerful antioxidant that contains grapeseed extract, red wine extract, and green tea. Perfect for a morning boost!

Keep active

Think romantic jog or stroll in the park, or a couples' weekend hike out of town; whatever motivation you need to get your body moving. Remember that even a little bit of physical activity is better than none.

Cut out the junk

Fast food and processed food contain a high amount of unhealthy fat, sugar, and salt that can be very damaging for your heart. So, get creative and think nutritious when you are preparing that candlelight dinner for two. Consider organic meat, wholegrain starch, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our all-in-one favourite supplement is Sportron's Ultragard. If you are worried about your vitamin and mineral intake, then consider this product. It is a complete supplement providing the dosage of vitamins and minerals required by the body on a daily basis

You only get one heart, but you get 365 days of the year to make heart-healthy choices. So, the next time your heartbeat starts drumming for your crush, spare a moment of gratitude for your health and the steps you take to keep it going.

Drop us a message via our contact us form should you be interested or have questions about any of the products mentioned above.


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