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5 Reasons to get your body moving

Ever stuck in traffic on your way to work watching joggers pass you by one-by-one? You wonder: where do they find the energy, commitment, and perseverance to start their day sweating?

We aren't all morning-joggers. And the great news is - we don't have to be! Yes, we might suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) or feel like they are a step ahead in accomplishing their fitness goals. But like most other things in life - we are all different, especially how we choose to stay active.

However, the one thing we all do have in common are the health benefits we gain from moving our bodies. Even though the thought of a morning jog doesn't motivate you; the following health reasons should, and they can all be achieved by an activity you enjoy doing.

An active lifestyle helps cleanse your mind and restore energy

Stress takes a daily toll. So much of our energy gets drained unknowingly throughout the day. Engaging in physical activity, even just for 20 minutes, can replenish and restore the energy lost.

Find an exercise activity you enjoy doing like walking your dog, taking a dip in the pool, etc. It should be something that will distract you from your worries, and that lifts your spirits.

For an extra boost, we recommend you try Sportron's Energard. It is a supplement specially formulated to help you restore depleted energy levels. If you find yourself depended on caffeine throughout your day, then you should definitely consider Energard.

Movement keeps your heart pumping and blood flowing

Studies have shown that inactivity can be one of the significant risk factors for heart disease. Exercise keeps your heart fit by helping it to pump blood through your body. Blood needs to flow throughout your body to keep it functioning.

You can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by being active on a regular basis.

Sportron's Circutron is a nutritional supplement that can assist the heart by keeping the circulatory network (your arteries, veins, and capillaries) open and functioning. Together, the heart and your circulatory system provide oxygen and nutrients to other organs, like your brain.

Being active helps you get rid of fat

Undeniable one of the main reasons people exercise is the fear of excess body weight. It's important to remember that excess fat doesn't just affect your appearance, it also has a negative impact on your internal organs that need to work twice as hard to function optimally.

A balanced diet and exercise programme can promote the loss of fat and appetite regulation.

It enhances your metabolism, making it easier for your body to get rid of toxins and transport essential nutrients to the right parts of your system.

A workout can enhance that healthy skin glow

A healthy exercise routine can help your skin get rid of harmful toxins and at the same time reboot its natural oils. And who doesn't want a healthy and naturally moisturised skin?

Exercise leads to sweat, and a healthy dose of sweat activates sweat glands to get rid of those toxins.

Sportron's all-in-one supplement, Skin, Hair and Nails, is a great supplement to add to your diet. It contains a combination of B-complex vitamins, omega fatty acids, and vitamin C that can help keep your skin glowing.

Activate your digestive system: Love your liver and kidneys

Like your skin, these organs function as clean-up tools in your body. Their primary purpose is to gather all the waste in your body and send it through your digestive system, to get thrown out like rubbish. If your digestive system isn't working correctly, the rubbish is left to rot in your body, which can lead to painful and harmful consequences.

An active lifestyle results in a functioning digestive system, by helping to stimulate the intestines that break down food and dispose of waste in the body.

Sportron's Digestron, Liverplex, and Uritron are all helpful supplements to help aid your internal waste removal system.

After considering all of the benefits an active lifestyle leads to, you might consider that morning jog after all. Remember that gentle and slow exercises can reap the same advantages. It's all about finding the perfect balance – too much strenuous exercise can also have a negative impact. So, be sure to do proper research before embarking on a workout or diet programme.

Drop us a message via should you be interested or have questions about any of the products mentioned above.


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