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Winter Health Tips: The Immune Boosters You Need

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Winter is knocking on South African doors. Even though nothing is more welcomed than a splendid winter sun, a crackling fire, or hot chocolate, there are a few unwelcome winter guests we'll all instead avoid.

Some of us might have already endured allergies, sniffles, or any other headaches the season brings, but for those who have been lucky so far, don't let your luck run out!

Here are a few immune boosters to help you keep up your guard, and if you do get a cold or flu, to help you cure it as effectively as possible.

Lifestyle - Find your winter balance

Although colder temperatures make us want to curl up at the fireplace and eat only comfort food, it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Find your balance. Adjust to a winter routine that works for you. Early morning runs can be a bit later, and your food a bit warmer, but don't slack or overwhelm your system during this time.

Who doesn't like a cup of tea on a chilly day?

Our favourite teas for the colder months is Sportron's range of Teagard. Not only is it delicious, but it also helps boost your immune system with the right ingredients - all while relaxing.

Essential Herbs - Boost your system and fight infection

Nothing fights off infection better than the perfect combination of herbal ingredients. It is recommended that you add a herbal supplement to your daily lifestyle weeks before the polar bears start crawling. This way you allow your system to build up strength long before needed.

Our preferred herbal fighter is Sportron's Infagard which contains:






Golden Seal

Lemon Verbena

Sweet Orange Peel


All you need is a couple of drops a day. It also comes in a handy 30ml bottle that you can conveniently take wherever you go.

Supplements - Enhance your immune system

You can help your immune system combat infection by giving it the extra support that supplements provide. The correct combination of supplements can help reduce tiredness and fatigue, fight colds and flu, and contribute to your normal psychological function.

What supplements should I take?

We love and use Sportron's range of supplements that are specifically designed to give your immune system an overall boost. These products include:

Vitamin C works as an antioxidant in the body and can help repair vulnerable systems and also enhance iron absorption.

Phytogard is formulated to enhance the body's natural immunity. Phytogard contains plant sterols and sterolins found in a wide variety of plants. Plant sterols help with just about any disease that compromises the immune system.

Nasogard is a nasal spray that soothes and moisturises the nasal system. It combines the benefits of dead sea salts and essential oils to remove dirt and dust. It also comes in a handy 20ml spray container - easy for traveling or parents and kids on the move.

Don't let cold weather drag you down! Get equipped with the tools you need to stay warm and healthy.

Drop us a message via should you be interested or have questions about any of the products mentioned above.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this communication is not to be construed as medical advice. Consult a professional on any medical or psychological concerns. The articles and blogs are posted only as opinion or ideas, and are general in nature. The administrator takes no responsibility for any action or outcome a reader may make as a result of reading a post.

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