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Your immunity-boosting health plan

Once again, South African families will be spending more time indoors. Not only has the winter chill arrived, but the long-awaited third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is also here. Prepping your family's immune system is vital at this stage. A robust immune system and healthy habits are the best ways to battle colds and flu this winter.

Your daily food and supplement intake can play a significant role in boosting your family's immune system. Below are the fundamental strategies, foods, and supplements we recommend you take daily.

Please note that the foods and supplements listed below may boost your immune health, but they don't protect against COVID-19.

A powerful shot of herbal tonic

Give your immune system a daily kickstart with a herbal tonic crafted from ingredients proven to support immune system function. Our recommended all-in-one herbal tonic booster is Sportron's Infagard. It contains:

  • Echinacea

  • Peppermint

  • Astragalus

  • Chamomile

  • Garlic

  • Golden Seal

  • Lemon Verbena

  • Sweet Orange Peel

  • Yarrow

All you need is 15 - 20 drops a day, either directly on your tongue or mixed in a little bit of water in a shot glass. It comes in a handy 30ml bottle that you can conveniently take wherever you go.

For your children, we recommend our Kidgarde range that includes Kidgarde Viral Plus and Kidgarde Multi Gummies. Both products will boost your child's immune system and assist with healthy brain and body development.

You should consider the Kidgarde range if:

  • Your child struggles to eat balanced meals.

  • Your child is a picky eater or refuses to eat fruits and vegetables.

  • Your child does not like meat and other protein sources.

  • Your child is lactose intolerant.

  • Your child struggles with acute or chronic medical conditions.

Also for children, we highly recommend Sportron's Respitron Syrup. This honey-flavoured syrup tastes good and is easy to swallow and is a wonder product for children, and adults, struggling with asthma, allergies, hayfever, and other breathing concerns.

Buy Respitron Syrup and Kidgarde Range here:

Whole grains, nuts, and avocados for snacking

These foods contain several plant-based substances known as phytosterols, but more specifically, Beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol has a structure like the cholesterol produced in the body and can be used to prevent immune system dysregulation and inflammation such as:

  • Colds and cases of flu

  • Allergies

  • Auto-immune diseases

Your family's respiratory systems are also taking strain in this cold, dry time. Respitron Syrup contains several micronutrients to maximise the body's respiratory defence mechanisms. This liquid nutritional supplement assists with allergies, asthma and chest infections.

Get moving!

By adopting certain lifestyle habits, you can better maintain the health of your family's lungs. Go for a walk, a jog, a dance… whatever you enjoy doing! As long as you are getting your heart pumping during the day.

A Vitamin C supplement can play a vital role in keeping you and your children fit and healthy. Vitamin C has several benefits. It is an essential nutrient found in fruits and vegetables that may help shorten the duration and severity of colds. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C can also help reduce inflammation.

Your body can't produce vitamin C on its own. It's pretty easy to meet your family's vitamin C needs, as long as you eat various fruits and vegetables, like citrus (oranges, grapefruits), guavas, berries, bell peppers, and broccoli.

Often it is not until we get sick that we acknowledge how negatively it can impact us. In this uncertain time, try create your certainties. Let taking care of the health of your loved ones be one of your main priorities.

Drop us a message via our contact us form should you be interested or have questions about any of the above-mentioned products.

Please note that the foods and supplements listed above may boost your immune health, but they don't protect specifically against COVID-19.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this communication is not to be construed as medical advice. Consult a professional on any medical or psychological concerns. The articles and blogs are posted only as opinion or ideas, and are general in nature. The administrator takes no responsibility for any action or outcome a reader may make as a result of reading a post.


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