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4 Reasons Good Communication Matters At Work

Let's get straight to the point. Good communication matters.

Whether you find yourself in public, at home, at school, or at work, you will see that having good communication skills can help you reduce stress for yourself and those around you, increase productivity, and help get your needs met.

To be able to communicate effectively with the people you work with is essential, no matter the line of business you're in. Some people believe that the age of technology has freed us from proper communication skills but in fact, it has exposed us even more.

The risk of people misinterpreting your tone, mood, and message is higher than ever before because no matter how hard you try a person can't predict your facial expression, body language, or hand gestures via an email.

Just because our way of sending and receiving communication has changed, doesn't mean our values have. Effective communication skills can get you hired, liked, promoted, and help you achieve other successes throughout your career.

"Strong human relationships aren’t optional. They’re necessary, and the need for them occupies a spot just above eating, breathing, staying warm and dry and out of war zones." - Marie Bryson

Below are four reasons why having good communication skills will benefit you in the workplace.

1. Excel in group work

It's simple - if you can communicate effectively with others around you, you will be able to work well in a group.

Many companies operate according to department structures, and being able to work well with others will give you a significant advantage.

2. Handle conflict

Even when you disagree with someone at work, it is essential for you to understand and respect their point of view. You will always be confronted with challenging people situations. The best way when dealing with conflict is by being able to address it in the right manner.

"We have a negative attitude toward conflict primarily because we haven’t learned constructive ways to deal with it – in fact, the converse is true: we have learned destructive ways of handling conflict." - Linda Adams

3. Detect your own and other people's problems

Good communication and listening skills go hand-in-hand, and people take note. People feel comfortable around you and become more likely to share their thoughts and feelings. In some cases, people will feel free to dump all of their problems on you, which could result in a negative impact.

Effective communication skills will help you to guide other people towards owning up and solving their own problems.

This will help you reduce stress and allow you to focus on your personal growth, while also encouraging another person to do the same.

4. Build healthy relationships

The way you communicate reflects what's going on inside of you, and how you choose to interact with people around you will be reflected back to you.

A positive flow of energy creates a safe space and healthy work environment for both you and your colleagues - and believe it or not; you might actually enjoy your job.

The benefits listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. Being a master communicator takes a lifetime to achieve, and chances are you will lose your cool along the way. But set the example and stick to practicing your skills and other people will take note!


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