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4 Tips on how to tackle the back-to-work blues

The holidays are over. A new year has begun. We are getting back to reality which can be tough, even for the most enthusiastic person.

How do we handle the back-to-work blues? With the right mental preparation, anything is possible. Below are some tips to help you prepare.

Be proactive about procrastination

Procrastination is a habit that easily sneaks in after an extended break. It can be hard to break and will threaten any resolution you set for yourself this year if you are not aware of it. So, get organised and acknowledge your weak spots, and decide how you are going to avoid them. Start with setting simple goals to get you going and you'll be back in your groove in no time.

Make use of re-energised motivation

Your first month back at work is a golden opportunity to energise yourself toward setting your annual goals. Get your creative juices flowing and set your timeline for the year.

Research articles, ideas, and how-to guides on the tasks you have before you. Have a look at what others have done and how you can apply it to your own personal or professional situation.

Try your best to get rid of the holiday fog that might be clouding your mind by embracing this opportunity.

Take care of your mental health

It's easy to get trapped in a hamster wheel in the first month back at work. Your mind is split between lazy days on the beach and the daily office grind. You must allow yourself a smooth transition between the two or you will risk burnout.

Take at least two or three days before returning to work to mentally prepare yourself. The holidays can also be exhausting, so take the time to recuperate. Slowly get back in your normal waking routine and do some planning on how you are going to approach the first day of work.

Bring something new to your year

Add something exciting to your normal routine. You can set aside a weekly lunch date with a friend or a colleague and try something new every week. Or simply make your days more flexible - go into work early one morning to leave early and catch a late afternoon movie. Stop yourself from feeling like you are going back to the same old routine.

Most of all, it's important to never lose trust in your ability to take control of your situation. Letting it control you, will have harmful consequences. Through your actions, you are taking the first steps toward the life you want to live.


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