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Healthy lunchbox ideas for parents and kids

It's safe to say that most of us are back at school, back at work, back to living our pre-holiday lifestyles. Lazy days next to the pool and indulging in our favourite festive season treats are already a distant memory.

Many people forget that living a healthier life comes down to the basics. And what can be more basic than the lunchbox you pack daily?

A healthy meal routine (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is the number one pillar to achieving optimal health. Essential foods such as meat, dairy, starch, fruit, and vegetables provide the much-needed nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle. Add a supplement or two, and you are well on your way. Here's our favourites list:

  1. Try a snack like sugar snap peas or mini raw carrots. In some cases, kids love the crunch and forget that they are eating healthy.

  2. Smoothies are also a great way to add some fruit and veggie goodness to your lunchbox. Try mixed berries, bananas, peanut butter, honey, milk, and crushed ice.

  3. Be smart and prepare extra protein the night before. Leftover chicken or beef tastes just as delicious on a wholewheat sandwich or in a salad the next day. Canned tuna is also an option, but if you are trying to cut down on meat, try a hardboiled egg, assorted nuts, peanut butter, or beans.

  4. A cheese stick is always a winner or even a slice of cheese on a sandwich. Try and avoid processed cheese; stick to mozzarella or cottage cheese.

  5. A fruit smoothie mixed with yoghurt, milk, or even coconut milk can add both the benefits of dairy and fruits to your lunchbox.

We understand that the start of the year can be a bit chaotic, and prepping healthy meals can feel like an enormous task, but like every new habit, it takes time to adapt. So get in touch with our Wellness Consultant, Elna Steenkamp, to learn more about healthy habits and supplements you can add to your family's diet.


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