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Three simple ways to form lasting friendships

It's no secret that long-lasting friendships can carry you far in life. However, forming these relationships can be challenging.

A healthy relationship with others can help you reach your goals, take you through difficult times, improve your mood, and reduce stress and anxiety. And these are just a few of the benefits.

To summarise, a strong connection to others has an impact on your personal growth. But, how do we form this connection? Below are three simple things that can lead to significant results. And they all start with you!

Self-awareness is the first step - discover your personal freedom

Before you can start forming bonds with others, you need to understand yourself. By being more in tune with yourself - knowing what makes you tick and what doesn't - will help you form a more honest relationship with someone else.

"Your personal area of freedom is that part of your life in which you are free to make independent, unilateral decision about issues in your life that do not depend on the cooperation or participation of another person." - Linda Adams, President and CEO of Gordon Training International

Put aside your false-self and expose your true-self

It's no secret that we all to a certain extent portray a false-self in the company of others. Even though this is harmless at first, it can lead to people getting to know and fall in love with a completely different you.

It is easy to get trapped in being what you think other people want you to be.

Therefore, the best way of avoiding it altogether is by being your true-self from the moment you meet someone new.

Embrace differences

People can so quickly become twisted in a clash of values. In a collision of values, you and another person strongly disagree on a specific issue, but neither of you is directly affected by your differences.

Whether the problem is about your beliefs, personal tastes, politics, or opinions, you should always ask yourself; does this person's point of view have a tangible effect on me? Is it worth ruining our relationship?

You'll find that the strongest bonds you form with people are those that exist in an agreement of mutual respect and acceptance of differences.

"Values conflicts can offer you an opportunity to grow and help others grow in new directions. You can gain strength from them and knowledge about yourself and others. Avoiding these conflicts will not make them go away, and may even aggravate differences and cause relationships to deteriorate." - Linda Adams, President and CEO of Gordon Training International

A little self-reflection can go a long way; by being true to your own identity, you will find your crowd a lot sooner. And last but not least, agree to disagree, but more importantly accept others for who they are and what they believe, and you are well on your way to forming lifetime bonds.


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