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How to make the holidays with your kids awesome

The holidays are a time for family, and with the hustle and bustle of dealing with friends and extended family this season, it's easy to get distracted from truly spending quality time with your kids.

The festive season is a great time to spend with your family, but it can also be stressful. The kids are home from school, and you're trying to get work done, make sure you have everything ready for the big Christmas day, and maybe even squeeze in a little time to yourself—but you also want to spend quality time with your kids.

Here are some basic tips on how to make the holidays easier for you and your family:

1. Don't try and do everything yourself. Ask for help—it's okay! Your friends and family will enjoy helping, and it'll give them something special to remember about this year's holiday season.

2. Set some boundaries around screen time: no phones or tablets at the table while eating dinner, or no video games for extended periods (find balance). This will help everyone focus on what's really important -- spending time together.

Important: Use your active listening and problem-solving skills to find solutions to problems together as a family! Even if it's just deciding where to go for dinner that night or which movie to watch on Netflix, this will help strengthen relationships between parents and children

3. Get organised: write down all the things that need doing before Christmas Eve and involve your kids so there are no surprises come December 24th! This will save so much stress later in the week when everyone is running around like crazy trying to get everything perfect on time!

4. Take some time alone with just one other person each day—your spouse/partner/child. Most importantly, make time for yourself, you deserve a break too.

Happy Holidays!

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